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Wearing glasses takes a bit of work, sometimes. It requires that you frequently visit your eye doctor or optician to make sure your prescription is up to date, requires that you have your frames repaired and kept in good shape, and it can also sometimes mean finding an alternative way to block out the sun. This could include swapping out a normal pair of prescription glasses for a pair of prescription sunglasses, purchasing snap on sunglass lenses or cover-ups or even resorting to hats and other methods. But here at The Eyeglass shop, we can offer you photochromic lenses. To learn more and to see whether they are right for you, just visit us here at our San Antonio optical shop.

San Antonio Non-Prescription Sunglasses

San Antonio Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Photochromic lenses are the perfect alternative to finding extra means of blocking out harmful UV radiation and glare when you already wear prescription lenses. Photochromic lenses can eliminate your reliance on other appliances entirely. These lenses are designed to change based on the amount of UV rays detected. If any are, the lenses tint accordingly, providing you with the most comfortable vision possible. Your lenses will automatically adjust upon walking outdoors and returning inside, and they will only change depending on the amount of light or UV rays detected so they will never become too dark or too light to see comfortably. Here at The Eyeglass Shop, our team of opticians can help test your visual acuity and walk you through our frames. Once we have determined which frames work best for you, we can offer you photochromic lenses for them from our San Antonio optical shop. Our opticians will help you test out photochromic lenses so you can get a feel for them and see whether or not they are suitable for you and your lifestyle.

We have a wide variety of frame styles and options here at our San Antonio optical shop. Our opticians are here to show you all of your options and to help you make the best decisions regarding your eyesight. If you are looking for hassle-free, clean, crisp vision, then visit us here at The Eyeglass Shop to see if photochromic lenses are right for you.

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