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Pediatric Eye Doctor in San Antonio

Treating common pediatric vision problems in San Antonio

Pediatric eye doctor in San Antonio

Pediatric eye doctor in San Antonio

As a parent, your concern for your child’s health exceeds the concern for your own, and that is the basis of our attentive care here at The Eyeglass Shop. We are committed to the prompt diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric vision problems so that your child will have optimal vision and the highest degree of eye wellness possible.

Amblyopia, better known as lazy eye, is a condition in which one eye is weaker than the other. The solution from our pediatric eye doctor in San Antonio is simple and effective. Your child’s brain needs to recognize the signals coming from that eye as being just as important as the ones from the “stronger” eye. Doing so in a timely manner will eliminate the risk of amblyopia becoming permanent. A related condition is called strabismus, in which your child’s eyes cross. Again, acting quickly is essential. Double vision can occur later in life is strabismus is not detected and dealt with now. Cataracts are typically associated with adults, and especially with older adults. What is not commonly understood about this eye disease is that is affects those of all ages. Babies can be born with congenital cataracts, the result of infection, injury, or improper development during pregnancy. The good news is that with the right pair of eyeglasses, the effects of this condition can be counteracted for a very long time. And similarly, our pediatric eye doctor in San Antonio addresses nearsightedness in your child. It is not unusual for kids to see well up close, but poorly at a distance. When this occurs, the answer is prescription eyeglasses.

Your child should first be examined before attending school, but even sooner if there is reason for concern. Contact our office so that we can arrange a convenient appointment for you and your child to come in and see our pediatric eye doctor in San Antonio.

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