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Are you tired of squinting from solar glare during your morning commute? Are you suffering from headaches from just a few short hours of working at the computer at your work place, or even your own home office? Believe it or not, these are two common problems that many ophthalmic eyeglasses wearers suffer from, but they can be easily remedied to give you better vision than ever before. While many of us are quick to simply purchase the most affordable lenses possible, the truth is that with a few simple modification our optical lenses can actually work to improve the way you love your life. To find out how tints and coatings can truly make a world of difference, simply visit the experts at your local San Antonio optical store at the Eyeglass Shop.

Scratch-Resistant Lens Coatings 78217

Scratch-Resistant Lens Coatings 78217

Tints come in more than simple black or brown, and in fact different colors of tints can actually work to help you see better in different areas of light in more ways than many of us realize are even possible. Grey and brown tints can work to cut down on the level of glares in most situations, and as such are the most commonly requested for everyday use. However, if you spend more time on the water than you do on land, lenses which are varying shades of blue can actually work to help you see better in fresh or salt water, with specific tones for the time of day you prefer, letting you see even clearer for safer boating. Yellow tints can often help gamers see more comfortably, and Transition coatings from your local San Antonio optical store will move with you to see clearly and safely in any level of light.

Lenses are about more than their color or composition, the right combination of coatings from our professional opticians can allows your eyeglasses to improve your way of life. AR coatings work to cut down on glare from the sun on your morning commute, as well as reflections from your LED screen powered devices, to stop computer vision syndrome from getting in the way of your work. Anti-scratch coatings can improve the durability of any lens, while polarized lenses can be the perfect treatment for outdoor enthusiasts to keep your eyes seeing comfortable no matter where the road takes you.

To find the perfect combination of tints and coatings for your unique way of life, be sure to visit the experts at your local San Antonio optical store. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Eyeglass Shop have been proudly serving your local community for over 35 years. Our wide selection of tints and coatings for ophthalmic eyeglasses at the Eyeglass Shop can craft the perfect pair to help you see more clearly and comfortably than ever before.

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