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Eye test in San Antonio

Eye Test in San Antonio

Eye doctor in San Antonio

It’s no revelation to say that diabetes and high cholesterol are a significant threat to your health, but what does that have to do with our eye test in San Antonio? Well, there at the Eyeglass Shop, you can get the peace of mind to know that you have an issue that needs to be followed up on with your primary care doctor. When you consider the implications of diabetes and high cholesterol, anything that leads to early detection is valuable. Of course, this is not the primary reason that you come in for an eye examination, but it’s nice to know that this information is a crucial bonus.

The frequency that you should adhere to regarding visits for our eye test in San Antonio is yearly. The most obvious reason is to optimize your corrected vision. You may have never needed eyeglasses or contact lenses before, or perhaps you have been doing so for some time. Either way, you can benefit from an assessment of your vision. Over the course of a year, your vision requirements can change, either a little or a lot. And if you have prescription eyewear that is not meeting your current needs, they aren’t much better for you than none at all. There is another reason, though, why our eye test in San Antonio should be an annual habit. The most common eye diseases, which are glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts, all develop and progress through their early stages devoid of symptoms. That raises a risk of eye damage or vision loss, both of which could be unrecoverable. Timely diagnosis is key to promoting the best possible outcomes.

So now that you know that your vision, your eye health, and even your general health can all be boosted by a visit to our optical store, why not reach out to us now and schedule your next one?

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San Antonio Designer Eyewear

San Antonio Optical Store

San Antonio Designer Eyewear

San Antonio Designer Eyewear

Are you thinking about getting a great new pair of designer eyeglasses? If so, you are probably looking for an optical store that offers a wide range of designer eyewear. If you are looking for a store that not only offers excellent customer service, but an exciting collection of San Antonio designer eyewear, come see us at The Eyeglass Shop.

At The Eyeglass Shop, our therapeutic optometrist is Dr. Paul A. Darrow. Dr. Darrow is well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. He is been serving the San Antonio and South Texas areas for over 40 years. Our optical practice has state-of-the-art technology and always provides the most modern eye care treatment possible. At our optical store Dr. Darrow can also provide you with a contact lens exam and fitting. Dr. Darrow specializes in fitting patients who need hard-to-fit contact lenses. We have a very loyal patient and customer base which is built on establish trust over years of treatment. Patients enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping, knowing they can get a thorough eye exam and then purchase a great new pair of San Antonio designer eyewear or contact lenses at our optical store.

When you come to The Eyeglass Shop for San Antonio designer eyewear, you will be very excited to see our expansive eyeglass frame collection. At our optical store we also offer personalized frame styling by our frame experts. Our frame experts are both knowledgeable and friendly. They enjoy working with our customers to be sure that they find a great pair of eyeglasses. Our frame experts will help you find eyeglasses that not only work well with your prescription needs, but also perfectly fit in with your fashion sense, face shape, and budget. After your selection of eyeglass frames, our optician will make sure that the frames precisely fit your face, and are comfortable to wear. You will also learn about the various lens options we offer to make your eyeglasses even more personalized for your needs. Customers love to get eyeglasses from our optical store because they know they will get incredibly fast service. We have full time opticians and our own lab which allows us to complete your eyeglasses quickly. We also use the highest quality lenses. All of our frames come with a one-year warranty, at no extra charge. And, if you find the same frame for less at a different San Antonio store we will match their price within 30 days of purchase. Why not come by and visit us soon for a new pair of designer eyeglasses!

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