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Visiting your eye doctor should be, at least, a yearly commitment for everyone. Keeping prescriptions current and early detection of any vision disorders, or diseases, are only to our advantage yet we tend to put off making the appointment. Our local San Antonio eye doctor, at The Eyeglass Shop, are dedicated to all our patients and will educate you on the importance of yearly exams and proper treatment for any ailments. From children to seniors, there are vision issues that need to be addressed, and whatever your age, eyesight can change greatly in a short period of time. Early detection will greatly help our optometrist prevent a bad condition from getting worse. In regards to bad conditions, we certainly don’t want uncomfortable symptoms to prevent you from your daily routine and we are here to help.

There are specific conditions and symptoms that should prompt a visit to our local San Antonio eye doctor. If you have frequent headaches, they could possibly be caused by eye strain that could be due to an outdated eyeglass prescription or even needing glasses for the first time. Another symptom that could mean it’s time to be tested for a new prescription is blurred vision. This may also mean a number of other eye health issues so best to visit our eye doctor and get a complete exam. An over-all exam will detect vision-threatening conditions and no symptoms should be taken lightly. If you have floating spots or odd blind spots, with or without migraine headaches, a full exam will help to diagnose the cause.

“Do I have an eye infection? What’s causing my eyes to be overly dry and itchy? This looks like pink eye.” These are questions and concerns that require an appointment with ourlocal San Antonio eye doctor. Whether it’s to update a prescription or have an exam for specific and persistent symptoms, our optometrist at The Eyeglass Shop can provide a full service optical facility. We are dedicated to preserving your healthiest eyesight and you shouldn’t have to live with uncomfortable symptoms. We are well-educated regarding the latest vision advancements and here to help you feel and see your best.

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