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It is an unfortunate fact but many people often forget or do not realize the importance of regular eye exams. Eye exams are just as important as any regular checkup. These exams are more focused on the inner workings of your eye as well as the health of your eyes in general, taking note of their color, any irritations etc.  Our eye doctor here in San Antonio here at The Eyeglass Shop has got you covered. Regular eye exams here at our offices in San Antonio are comprehensive and can help monitor your eye health from visit to visit.

San Antonio Eye Exams

San Antonio Eye Exams

There are many reasons why you should be looking to have your eyes checked on a regular basis. It is recommended that most patients visit their eye doctor annually. Patients who are at risk for eye disease or already have one should plan to visit their eye doctor more regularly to provide more acute monitoring of their optical health. Here at The Eyeglass Shop, our eye doctor here in San Antonio, Dr. Paul A. Darrow, can provide you with the comprehensive checkup that you need. A general physician may briefly look into your eyes with a light and ask you to read from a chart, but an eye exam with an eye doctor is much more thorough. Many eye conditions and diseases are not readily noticeable by patients until damage has already occurred, mostly because the most noticeable symptoms are some amount or form of vision loss. Many of these conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts can be detected early on with the help of a thorough eye exam and can be treated before any damage occurs. Eyes are also susceptible to irritation, inflammation and infection. Monitoring eye allergies and other reactions can help make sure that you are not suffering from a more serious eye infection which can often yield similar symptoms.

Make sure that you take care of your eyes by scheduling an annual exam with our San Antonio eye doctor here at The Eyeglass Shop. We can help make sure that your eyes are disease free and that your vision is aptly up to speed.

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